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A tool for smart territory



Offer challenges to your fellow citizens, your community, your employees (via a link) or to all users of the application.

This solution of stimulation of the practice of cycling on a territory is part of a strategy of smart mobility (smartcity).

There is regional public support supporting the creation of “Smart Region” projects

Via a web interface, you can easily set up your challenges:

  • the maximum number of participants,
  • the duration (week, month, year),
  • the difficulty of the challenge (number of kilometers)
  • the reward at stake,
  • a description and a catchy image.

Before the challenge, we invite you to inform your community of the creation of your challenge (by email or by creating a Facebook event for example). Users will have the time to sign up for your challenge.

During the challenge, you can follow the progress of your participants and encourage them.

At the end of the challenge, participants who have won the challenge will be invited to contact you for the reward delivery. You will be able to communicate on the number of Km total ride, the number of kg of CO2 and money that the challenge will have saved.

Why organize internal challenges for your employees

Organizing internal challenges at your institution to promote cycling has many positive effects:

  • Promotes collaboration through the creation of common objectives
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces stress and delays due to car traffic
  • Reduces CO2 impact on the environment

Why organize challenges for your citizens

Organizing challenges, sharing them and letting them know about the world invites us to practice cycling, and participates in:

  • to decrease the investments related to the car
  • to improve mobility in a territory
  • to improve locally the quality of the air
  • to appease the traffic and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants
  • to comply with international legislation on the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • to commit to the environment

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) shows in a report all the (estimated) economic benefits of the current use of bicycles in the European Union. Half of this € 150 billion relates to health and almost a third to tourism, the rest being divided between the environment (various pollution avoided), the cycle market and mobility (decongestion).