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Types of challenges

As a partner, the Bike & Win app allows you to:

  • Create challenges in the short, medium or long term, with a maximum of km to do per day to encourage bike commuter who has short trips to do. Example: 40 km to ride on the week with a maximum of 10km per day to win two tickets.
  • Create challenges to reach the application community. Example: promote an event, a brand, a destination.
  • Create challenges for a specific audience via a link. Example: organizing challenges for your customers or employees
  • Create challenges for individuals or groups. Example: members of a company, family, friends
  • Create collective challenges. Example: if the members of a team in a company manage to ride together 5000km in a month, they all win a lunch in a restaurant.
  • Create challenges for charities. Example: for each 1000 km traveled, 1000 € will be donated to a charity.

These features can be combined according to your creativity, to create team-building operations for example. We can also develop tailor-made challenges to meet your goals.


If the number of available prizes does not correspond to the number of winning participants, the partner will have two possibilities when creating the challenge:

  • The winners are the first to complete the challenge
  • The winners are drawn among those who complete the challenge.

The app offers a typical “contest rules” for each possibility.

At the end of the challenge, the winner is put in contact with the organizer to obtain the reward. This can then be sent (in the case of a ticket or voucher) or withdrawn (in the case of consumables)