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Together, let's make a difference

An application to promote cycling as a mobility solution, for our health and the planet.

We started from a statement. The world is changing and the place of the car is inexorably retreating in urban traffic. More and more users are choosing bike commuting

Aware of the climate and mobility challenges, these committed users wish to contribute at their level. In doing so, they enjoy the pleasure and benefits of using a bicycle.

We want to encourage, and amplify this positive movement. We offer our services to increase the number of bicycle users, in a territory, in a company.

How to be an actor of the movement?

We have developed an application which, through a fun process of challenges, encourages the regular use of the bicycle : Bike & Win (available on IOS and Android).

This application allows you to participate in challenges (a certain number of km to be driven in a certain period of time against a reward) private (offered to a specific audience) or open to all. The challenges can be taken up alone or in a team.

The application is completely free to download and use. Only the creation of challenges pays off.

Ride for Climate

The efforts to reduce our ecological footprint are collective and individual. Each time you cycle, the app calculates the CO2 you save. We compile in real time the Kg of CO2 saved by all the users of the application who ride all over the world.

Create challenges to expand and engage the cycling community

We propose to amplify the community of cyclists in your business or on your territory
and / or promote your services, your commercial, cultural or tourist offer …

The principle is simple, each month a company or a territory offers challenges to its employees or citizens on the Bike & Win app. This is a number of kg of CO2 to be saved by using the bicycle instead of the car in daily commuting. Every time the goal is reached, trees are planted!

A bike commuter always wins

A cyclist always wins! Time for yourself, money, better health. With the Bike & Win app
he enjoys winning challenges and save the planet.

Let's keep in touch

Guillaume Kerckhofs

Co-founder of the Bike & Win application, Guillaume Kerckhofs has 15 years of experience in the fields of communication, tourism and event organization.

A daily bike commuter, he is convinced of the benefits of using a bicycle for the health of workers and the planet. 


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