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Small streams make big rivers!

Organize a "Ride for Climate" challenge for free on the Bike & Win application, and fill the saved CO2 counter!

The “Ride for climate” challenge invites you to drive 2500 km in 6 months and thus save 350kg of CO2! A counter calculates in real time the ENTIRE kg of CO2 saved by the Bike & Win community. By choosing the bicycle instead of the car in your daily trips, the planet is rewarded twice:

✅thanks to the CO2 that you saved individually

✅Thanks to the sponsorship of tons of CO2 saved to finance projects in favor of the environment.


Support “Ride for Climate”

Support by organizing challenges on the Bike & Win application and encourage the progression of the saved CO2 counter!

Transport is responsible for almost 30% of the European Union’s total CO2 emissions. Among these emissions, 72% come from road transport. Personal cars are one of the main polluters since they represent 60.7% of total CO2 emissions from road transport in Europe.

Each time a car stays in the garage and the user replaces it with a bicycle, CO2 emissions are saved. The Bike & Win app calculates the CO2 saved by the cyclists who use it. We compile the data of individual efforts in a counter which calculates the collective effort in real time. On the website Ride for Climate, you can follow in real time the tonnes of CO2 saved by all users.

I am a company

Organize challenges # ride4climate

Mobilize your employees, customers, partners to save CO2 and participate in a collective effort to let the planet breathe by organizing #ride4climatechallenge.

Sponsor a ton of CO2

Sponsor a tonne of CO2 by financially supporting an environmental project with our partner NGO.

Contact us (, we will organize a #ride4climate challenge for you.

I am an individual

Ride a bike

Download the app and use it for free and help to increase the saved CO2 counter.

Organize a #ecoresponsible challenge

We all have objects in our home that we no longer use and which, however, retain value. Rather than throwing them away, giving them away or selling them, we suggest that you make them rewards for challenges #ecoresponsible on the application. We organize this type of challenge for you free of charge.

Prenez contact avec nous (, nous organiserons pour vous un défi #ecoresponsable