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Team Building

Bike & Win offers you a “Teambuilding” event for your organization.

We organize a cycling challenge for you to stimulate team spirit between colleagues, help save CO2
( and promote ethical and sustainable shops thanks to the ethical rewards.

Our proposal

Colleagues are invited to take over as a team and for one, two or three weeks,

  •  A cycling challenge to encourage the practice of bike commuting
  • A quiz challenge for supporters (those who cannot bike commute)

All participants who complete the challenges earn

  • A reward offered by the company
  • or an ethi’kdo (for France and Belgium), a gift voucher to spend in ethical and environmentally friendly shops, of a value to be determined (25 € -50 € – € 75).

Team-building process

  • We organize a bike challenge internal to the company to be take up in team on Bike & Win app and we provide the communication tools.
  • The company create teams "Red / Green / Blue / Purple / Yellow ..."
  • Those who cannot ride join the “supporters challenge”: small online quizzes to succeed every week. They can also help by walking.
  • The challenges are launched for a month.
  • The total kg of CO2 saved is calculated in real time on the site
  • Employees are invited to show their team's color with a color dress reminder as a sign of support.
  • At the end of the month, the teams and supporters who have won the challenges (they have completed a certain number of km by bicycle) earn ethi’kdos to share.
  • A final report on the results is provided: number of km traveled, CO2 saved, ...


1 week challenge

25€ per person

+ the value of the reward if provided by us

2 week challenge

30€per person

+ the value of the reward if provided by us

3 week challenge

35€ per person

+ the value of the reward if provided by us